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All American Corporate Registered Agents can provide your company with registered agents for service of process in all 50 states. A registered agent is an individual or corporation that will accept service of process for your company. This is a requirement that must be met in all states before your company can conduct business in that state. You must have a resident agent in the state in which your company is formed (the state in which you are a "domestic" corporation) and also any other state in which you maintain offices, employees, or otherwise conduct business (states in which your company is considered a "foreign" corporation).

The resident agent is responsible for receiving any service of process for your company, including litigation, notices from the state, and sometimes tax and annual report forms. When the resident agent receives service, he will then immediately forward the documents to your company. This can be crucial to your company. If, for example, your company is subject to litigation in a foreign state, you must answer the suit within a relatively short period of time to avoid losing the suit on a default judgement. The resident agent will ensure that you receive the legal papers in time to answer the suit in a timely manner.

Why All American? All American Corporate Registered Agents is a division of All American Agents of Process, the nation's number one provider of process agents for trucking companies. All American has been providing this service since 1994 and currently has over 75,000 active clients. We have attorneys in each state that will act as your agent, accepting service of legal papers for your company. In addition, our low annual fees of $110.00 per state will save you 50% or more over the other leading registered agent providers.

To begin using our services, simply choose the state from the drop-down menu below. The forms for corporations and LLCs are included for each state, along with instructions for filing the form. If your company is an entity other than a corporation or LLC, the link to the state's website is provided, from which you can obtain the correct form. If you have any questions or would like help in filling out a single or multiple forms, please call us at 800-335-8840 and talk to one of our customer service representatives.